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Our mission is to become one of the top coconut-based manufacturers. Our vision is to create a company committed to quality, loyalty and excellence with an ever-present attitude towards efficiency and improvements. We strive to provide valuable services in a customer-centric environment with customer satisfaction our top priority and with the hope that the benefits we reap will not only center on the company but pervades to every consumers.

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Crude Coconut Oil (CNO) is known as "basic industrial grade oil". Basically, CNO is an end-product of squeezing out the oil from Copra (dried coconut meat) by the use of expeller press and then refined to eliminate impurities/contaminants. Coconut oil has the attribute of being mild on the skin, thus it is used as moisturizer. It can also be used as cleansing agent and protection against the sun. Therefore, it is often used as raw material for oleochemicals, manufacturing soap, shampoo, and cosmetics products.
Pyhysical/Chemical Characteristics

FFA as Lauric
Moisture & Impurities:
Iodine Value (WIJS):
Saponification Value:
Color (AOCS method
CC13 B-45):

Appearance and Odor:
Boiling Point:
Vapo Pressure (mmHG/70 degrees F):
Specific Gravitiy:
Solubility in water:
Percent Volatiles by Volume:

4% max
1% max
10% max
250 min.

70 yellow max
15 red max
Golden yellow oily with fatty odor
> 450 degrees F


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