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Our mission is to become one of the top coconut-based manufacturers. Our vision is to create a company committed to quality, loyalty and excellence with an ever-present attitude towards efficiency and improvements. We strive to provide valuable services in a customer-centric environment with customer satisfaction our top priority and with the hope that the benefits we reap will not only center on the company but pervades to every consumers.

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RBD (Refined, Bleached, Deodorized) coconut oil is used for ordinary cooking, and can be further processed for use in cosmetic, industrial, and pharmaceutical products. Cochin is a preferred raw material in the production of edible oil and specialty oil products such as lard, shortening, baking fats and margarine. It is also used in the production of soaps, shampoos and other consumer products.
Pyhysical/Chemical Characteristics

Physical State:
Specific Gravity:
FFA (as Lauric):
Color, R/Y (Lovibond)
Iodine Value:
Moisture & Impurities (M&I):
Melting Point:
Viscosity at discharg
temp. of 45 C:

Liquid, very light yellow color
0.070% max.
1.0/10 max.
10.0 max.
0.10% max.
24.0-26.0 degrees C

18.6 C

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